Climate Sprints

About Climate Sprints

Climate Sprints is an attempt to help people interested in climate or who have been thinking and learning about the space to make the space more tangible and concrete. Rather than talking about climate solutions in the abstract, when you join a problem pack you’ll have an explicit goal that requires a mix of learning, contacting and interviewing stakeholders in the space, and team brainstorming to pull off, along with a fairly short 3 week timeline to get it done.

Participating in a problem pack is a highly efficient way to make the plunge into the climate world: it forces you to think deeply about your topic of interest by providing accountability and deadlines and it puts you on a team with other people who are excited about similar topics as you and with whom you can develop your ideas. The three week timeframe is both short enough that you’re not committing to any one project or idea forever, but also long enough that there’s time for substantial work, learning, and research to get done.

If you’re an aspiring climate tech founder, if you want to work in the climate space, or if you’re just curious about what’s out there and are interested in joining a short-term project, poke around on the catalog of projects and see what upcoming packs appeal to your interests!

About Me

Hello! I’m John Sanchez, and I’m a Harvard undergrad currently on a gap year working on climate change and carbon removal. Alongside Climate Sprints, I’m building Climate Change Academy, a curated guide to the best resources for learning about climate, and running Air Miners Boot Up, a free 4-week course on carbon removal. If you want to stay updated on my work and other thoughts, subscribe to my newsletter! You can also feel free to send me an email at johnsanchez at college dot harvard dot edu.

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